Puckett Research & Design





2008 International Biennial of Contemporary Art

Seville, Spain


Systemic Architecture

Routledge, 2012

STEMcloud v2 was developed in collaboration with Ecologic Studio as an interactive installation that invited visitors to participate in the growth of algae that were collected in the water from a local river. A secondary digital monitoring system was created to monitor the health of the overall system and provide visitors with a visualization of their influence on the bioreactor.

The basic variables in the system were Water + Nutrients + CO2. The CO2 was to be provided by the visitors by blowing into the tubes. The goal for the monitoring system was to track the amount of interaction (and thus CO2) units were receiving, save this to a database to compare to the other variables over time, and reflect this through the intensity of the LEDs. Units which received less CO2 glow brighter to attract attention from visitors to gain theri CO2. The LEDs also provided realtime feedback to users as to which units they were affecting.