Puckett Research & Design

Responsive Polymer Facade

Dev Team

Anton Bakerjian

Ian Mchone


Magic Materials

The Science Gallery,

Dublin, Ireland

Responsive Patterns

Kasian Gallery

Calgary, Canada


Beyond Mechanics

Smart Geometry 2012,

Troy, USA


Technarte 2014, Bilbao, Spain

Smart Geometry 2012, Troy, USA


Paradigms in Computing, Evolo, 2014

Inside Smart Geometry,

Wiley, 2013

Building Dynamics: Exploring Architecture of Change, Routledge, 2015

This research investigated the potential of shape memory polymer as a responsive architectural material. Material can be programmed to respond to a specific temperature by altering its chemical makeup at the time of fabrication. The goal is to examine large-scale sensing and response that can function without the use of electricity.