— Project

Responsive Polymers

— Dev Team

Anton Bakerjian

Ian Mchone

— Exhibitions

Magic Materials,

The Science Gallery,

Dublin, Ireland

Responsive Patterns,

Kasian Gallery

Calgary, Canada

— Workshops

Beyond Mechanics

Smart Geometry 2012,

Troy, USA

— Conferences

Technarte 2014, Bilbao, Spain

Smart Geometry 2012, Troy, USA

— Publications

Paradigms in Computing, Evolo, 2014

Inside Smart Geometry,

Wiley, 2013

Building Dynamics: Exploring Architecture of Change, Routledge, 2015

This research investigated the potential of shape memory polymer as a responsive architectural material. Material can be programmed to respond to a specific temperature by altering its chemical makeup at the time of fabrication. The goal is to examine large-scale sensing and response that can function without the use of electricity.