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Photo by Dahlia Katz

Photo by Dahlia Katz

Photo by Elana Emer

Photo by Elana Emer

Primus wearable devices

Robot Wearables, R.U.R : A Torrent of Light


Tapestry Opera Company


2022 Dora Mavor Moore Awards

Outstanding Production

Outstanding Achievement in Design

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble

Outstanding New Opera

Outstanding Musical Direction

Outstanding Direction

Wearable Technology Design

Kate Hartman

Nick Puckett

Adam Tindale

Wearables Design Team

Prayag Ichangimath

Sam Kingston


Nicole Lizee


Nicolas Billon


Michael Mori

Music Design

Gregory Oh

Lighting Design

Michelle Ramsay

Set Design

Cameron Anderson

Costume Design

Joanna Yu

Projection Design

Cameron Davis

Sound Design

Debashis Sinha


Elana Emer

Dahlia Katz

For the world premiere of R.U.R A Torrent of Light, we collaborated with Tapestry Opera to create a series of wearable devices that were embedded into the costumes of performers and worn by musicians. The opera was created for the 100th anniversary of the original play Rossum's Universal Robots by Karel Capek. The goal of these devices was to provide new forms of visual and audio information within the narrative of the opera. Two main types of devices were created: Primus, an LED badge and collar, and Radius, a set of wearable speakers. Each of thedevices utilized a networked microcontroller that received either color data or sound cues throughout the performance. The animated lighting sequences were created as video animations that were sampled within Isadora and sent to the wearables as OSC messages. Each device used a unique IP address which allowed different animations to be streamed to multiple characters simultaneously. The Radius devices had a series of sound files stored locally on an SD card that were triggered using OSC messages. In both cases, the custom firmware written for the devices allowed the sound, light, and projection designers to use their standard software interfaces to control this new type of output. The enclosures for each of the devices were created as custom 3d prints using a combination of FDM and resin printing using a Form3.