Field Condition

Dev Team

Anton Bakerjian

Ian Mchone


New Faculty Show,

Land of Tomorrow,

Lexington, USA


Technarte 2011,

Bilbao, Spain



Making Digital Architecture,

Riverside, 2011

Field condition seeks to push the boundaries of fabrication methods by shaping a rapidly regenerating material: grass. By adjusting its height and angle over the course of the cut, the mower can cut 3d patterns over an infinitely scalable surface. This is possible because the cutting mechanism is pushed by a human operator who must read the onboard speed and heading data to coordinate the speed of the actuators. To achieve this a prototype was created that allowed digital patterns to be created and then “printed” into the grass. Unlike typical CNC cutting the material being shaped responds over time by re-growing and setting up an interactive and ongoing relationship with the person and machine trying to shape it.