— Project

Pulse V1

— Dev Team

Hector Centeno

Izzie Colpitts-Campbell

— Exhibition

Re-Living the City,

2015 Bi City Biennale Of Urbanism & Architecture.

Shenzhen, China

Pulse v1 scans and visualizes the shifting landscape of the exhibition as a field of vibrating antennae. A custom Lidar laser scanner is used to continually digitize the surrounding crowds, exhibits, and architecture to create a dynamic map of the space. With each scanning pass, these digital maps are translated into the movement of 250 robotic antennae, which vibrate in response to the current and historic activity in the space. Over time, each antenna builds up an inertia that multiplies or resists the current activity within the exhibition based on patterns of occupation. This process operates continuously during the exhibition, providing visitors with a visualization of the current state of the exhibition space in relationship to its history.

Commisssioned by The Bi City Biennale Of Urbanism & Architecture (UABB)